Der Gropenfuhrer: the audit

Thurs 20 Nov 2003, LA Times, A35: New Administration Narrows the Scope of Audit; Schw.'s advisors say there are no plans to examine the state's finances on a scale repeatedly promised during the campaign; Joe Mathews, Jeffrey L. Rabin, and Evan Halper. 

"...There have been numerous accountings of California's budget problems.  It is solutions that in short supply.... The absence of a comprehensive audit identifying billions in waste already is interfering with some of the new governor's other pledges.

"As a candidate, Schw. said he could balance the budget by eliminating waste he found in the audit.  As governor, he has announced he would make budget cuts, but so far has not identified any specifics.  As a candidate, he said he would never spend more money than he took in. 'I teach my kids: Don't spend more than you have,' he said.... 'We have to teach that to Sacramento.'

"But as governor, among his first major actions was to call a special session to put a 'deficit recovery bond' of up to $15B before voters.  That is money the state will borrow to cover the fact that it spends more than it takes in." 

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